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Rasmussen Air & Gas Energy, Inc. v. Ingersoll-Rand Co.

United States District Court, D. Nebraska

June 24, 2016

RASMUSSEN AIR & GAS ENERGY, INC., a Nebraska corporation; Plaintiff,
INGERSOLL-RAND COMPANY, a New Jersey corporation; Defendant.


          Cheryl R. Zwart United States Magistrate Judge

         After conferring with counsel:

         IT IS ORDERED:

         1) The court preliminarily finds that Defendant's language for paragraph 17 of the parties' proposed protective order is appropriate.

         2) If either party believes the court should resolve the dispute over paragraph 17 by formal motion, such motion shall be filed on or before July 1, 2016, with any response due on or before July 5, 2016. No reply shall be filed absent leave of the court for good cause shown.

         3) Absent the filing a formal motion by July 1, 2016, or the parties' notice before July 1, 2016 that they now agree that the proposed protective order, with Defendant's proposed language, may be entered, the court will enter a protective order as set forth in the attached copy.

         (Draft) PROTECTIVEORDER

         The parties agree that certain information subject to discovery in this action may contain trade secrets or other confidential, proprietary or commercially-sensitive information. In the interest of protecting that information and permitting discovery to proceed without the delay occasioned by disputes regarding such information, the parties agree to the protective provisions set forth below. In view of these stipulations, and good cause appearing, the Court enters this Protective Order pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(c). This Protective Order shall apply to all discovery in this matter, including informal exchange of documents.


         Scope and Definitions

         1. This Protective Order applies to all information, documents, testimony and things subject to discovery in this action which contain non-public, confidential information or trade secrets designated as Protected Material pursuant to the terms of this Order, as well as any secondary material, such as pleadings, written discovery, expert reports, notes, summaries or any other materials that contain, describe or reflect such information (collectively referred to herein as "Protected Materials").

         2. Protected Material may be designated by any Producing Party as:

(a) "CONFIDENTIAL" if it (i) contains non-public, commercially-sensitive information (e.g. unpublished advertising, web pages, signage, logos and the like); (ii) contains technical, financial and/or other business information (e.g. pricing, customer lists, business and/or marketing plans or analysis, license agreements and the like), the public disclosure of which would cause competitive harm to the Producing Party; (iii) is subject to an express obligation of confidentiality owed by the Producing Party to a third party; (iv) contains personally identifiable information about an individual as described in NECivR 5.3(b)(1)-(5); or (v) constitutes a trade secret under the laws of the State of Nebraska.
(b) "HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL - ATTORNEYS' EYES ONLY" if it contains CONFIDENTIAL information under Paragraph 2(a), the disclosure of which to a Receiving Party, as opposed to a third party, would cause competitive harm to the Producing Party.

         3. As used herein, "Producing Party" shall refer to any party to this action, or to any third party (whether voluntarily or pursuant to subpoena) who discloses, testifies, produces or makes available for inspection any Protected Material.

         4. "Receiving Party" shall refer to any person who receives Protected Material from a Producing Party.

         Permitted Disclosure and Use of Protected Material

         5. Protected Material shall not be distributed, disclosed or made available to anyone except as expressly provided in this Order.

         6. Protected Material shall be used solely for this litigation and any related appeals and shall not be used for any other purpose whatsoever, including without limitation any other litigation or any business or competitive purpose or function of any kind.

         Persons Who May Access Protected Material

         7. "Confidential" Material. Only the following individuals shall have access to materials designated "CONFIDENTIAL, " absent the express written consent of the Producing Party or further court order:

(a) Up to four (4) corporate representatives of the Receiving Party who have complied with Paragraph 9;
(b) Outside counsel of record for the parties to this action, including any attorneys, paralegals, technology specialists and clerical employees of their respective ...

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Download the entire decision to receive the complete text, official citation,
docket number, dissents and concurrences, and footnotes for this case.

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