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Stehlik v. Rakosnik

Court of Appeals of Nebraska

May 17, 2016


          Appeal from the District Court for Pawnee County: DANIEL E. BRYAN, JR., Judge.

Page 2

         David W. Watermeier and Andrew K. Joyce, of Morrow, Poppe, Watermeier & Lonowski, P.C., for appellants.

         Jeffery W. Davis and Jeffrey A. Gaertig, of Smith, Schafer, Davis & Gaertig, L.L.C., for appellee.

         RIEDMANN, Judge. INBODY, PIRTLE, and RIEDMANN, Judges.


          [24 Neb.App. 35] Riedmann, Judge.


         Michael C. Rakosnik, Linda I. Rakosnik, and Susan M.

Page 3

Muell (collectively the Rakosniks) appeal from a summary judgment order of the district court for Pawnee County concerning transfers of real and personal property made to them by their brother, Lewis D. Rakosnik, under a power of attorney he held for their uncle, Joseph M. Rakosnik (Mike). On appeal, the Rakosniks argue that two of the transfers were valid gifts in accordance with their uncle's intentions and the power of attorney he executed. After review of the record, taking facts in the light most favorable to the Rakosniks, we disagree and affirm the judgment of the district court.


         The evidence offered and received at the summary judgment hearing reveals the following events: Lewis and the Rakosniks were the only nieces and nephews of Mike. In February 2011, Lewis moved to Mike's home at the request of Mike's long-time companion, Evelyn Doeschot (Evelyn), who lived with Mike but could no longer take care of him alone. When Lewis moved in with Mike and Evelyn, Mike was undergoing hospice care and it was uncertain how long he would live.

          [24 Neb.App. 36] In March 2011, Lewis obtained a power of attorney that granted him broad powers over his uncle's property. Mike's longtime attorney, L.

Page 4

Joe Stehilk, prepared the power of attorney. The plenary power clause of the power of attorney document gives Lewis " all powers over my estate and affairs which I can or could exercise, including but not limited to the power to make gifts."

         Transfers of Mike's Property.

         Lewis utilized the power of attorney to make transfers of Mike's money and real property to himself and the Rakosniks. In June 2011, he cashed his uncle's Edward Jones account and transferred some of the proceeds to the Rakosniks and their spouses. In August 2011, Lewis transferred his uncle's farm property to himself and the Rakosniks, reserving a life estate for his uncle. During this time period, Lewis also utilized certain funds from his uncle's checking account for personal use.

         Lewis stated that these transfers were a " protective measure" to prevent Stehlik and Evelyn from obtaining Mike's property. As the basis for these fears, Lewis cited a sale of 160 acres of Mike's land to a neighbor in January 2011. After conversations with his uncle, Lewis believed that his uncle had not planned to sell the land but had been influenced by Stehlik. He also found it to be suspicious that Stehlik charged Mike for preparation

Page 5

of a new abstract for the sale when Mike's original abstract was in Mike's safe deposit box. The Rakosniks also argue that the transfers were made in order to avoid probate.

         Lewis stated that he learned about an Edward Jones account from a conversation with Evelyn and then utilized his power of attorney to request information about that account from Edward Jones. Lewis discussed the account with Mike and came to the understanding that the money was " to go to [Mike's] kin," that is, Lewis and the Rakosniks. In depositions, the Rakosniks testified that they never discussed their uncle's finances or estate planning with Mike before his death. [24 Neb.App. 37] However, Linda later submitted an affidavit stating that on August 7, 2011, she sat with Mike at her parents' house and discussed transferring the farm property to her and her siblings to avoid probate.

         Lewis consulted an attorney regarding how to avoid probate for his uncle's estate. The attorney prepared a warranty deed transferring the farm property to Lewis and the Rakosniks and reserving a life estate in Mike. Lewis testified in a deposition that he had conversations with Mike prior to transferring the farm property and that in particular, he

Page 6

discussed the deed with Mike to explain it and " make sure . . . it was okay" the day before Lewis signed it.

         In August 2011, Evelyn moved out of the farmhouse where Mike lived and Lewis was staying. On January 31, 2012, Lewis was arrested. Mike died on April 27. Following a jury trial, Lewis was convicted of 39 counts of abuse of a vulnerable adult and theft by deception. The victim was Mike.

         Mike's Wills.

         Beginning in 1988, Mike executed a series of wills leaving the bulk of his estate to Lewis and the Rakosniks. Mike's 2005 will, which was in effect at the time of the transfers at issue in this case, devised Mike's real property to Lewis and the Rakosniks, subject to a life estate in the farmhouse to Evelyn, and with the condition that the land must stay in the family name and not be sold or mortgaged outside the family during the lifetime of Lewis and his siblings.

         Lewis testified that he discussed the will with Mike in May 2011 and that Mike told him having the farm stay in the ...

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