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Weber v. North Loup River Public Power and Irrigation District

Supreme Court of Nebraska

August 29, 2014


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Appeal from the District Court for Loup County: KARIN L. NOAKES, Judge.

Rodney J. Palmer, of Palmer Law Group, L.L.C., for appellants.

Adam J. Prochaska, of Harding & Shultz, P.C., L.L.O., for appellee.



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[288 Neb. 960] Stephan, J.

William Weber and Dixie Weber entered into contracts for irrigation water with North Loup River Public Power and Irrigation District (North Loup). The Webers did not make payments due under the contracts prior to the 2010 irrigation season. In June 2010, heavy rains destroyed a diversion dam [288 Neb. 961] which North Loup had utilized to deliver water to the Webers and other irrigators. As a result, North Loup did not deliver any water to the Webers during 2010. The Webers brought this action against North Loup, alleging it breached its contracts to provide irrigation water and was negligent in the performance of those contracts. They claimed damages resulting from decreased crop yields due to the absence of water. The district court for Loup County sustained North Loup's motion for summary judgment, reasoning that the Webers had not fulfilled a condition precedent to North Loup's obligations on the contracts, because the Webers failed to timely pay charges due under the contracts for the 2010 crop year. The Webers perfected this timely appeal. We affirm the judgment of the district court.


1. Facts

North Loup was organized in 1933. It manages an irrigation system that includes several diversion dams and canals in Loup, Custer, Garfield, Valley, and Greeley Counties, serving approximately 21,986

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acres of farmland. Charges assessed to users of the irrigation system generate all of the revenue collected by North Loup.

The Taylor-Ord Canal (Canal) originates approximately 5½ miles from Taylor, Nebraska, with the Taylor Diversion Dam (Dam). The Dam redirects part of the streamflow of the North Loup River into the Canal, which runs 34 miles to its termination near Ord, Nebraska. At mile 20.05, the Canal merges with the Mirdan Canal, which draws water from the Calamus Reservoir. The portion of the Canal above mile 20.05 is referred to by the parties as the " upper" Taylor-Ord Canal. Farmland along the Canal's path is supplied with water through " turnouts" and underground pipelines.

The Webers have farmed in central Nebraska since 1967. They irrigate eight tracts with water from the upper Canal under contracts with North Loup. The Webers are parties to the contracts for five of the tracts. The contracts for the other three tracts are in the name of Marlene Fuller. The Webers lease these tracts from Fuller on a " share crop" basis, under [288 Neb. 962] which the crop is divided each fall and both parties pay half the irrigation charges.

The terms of each of the contracts are identical except for the description of the land. The following are the portions most relevant to the Webers' claims:

1. [North Loup], upon completion of the Project and the availability of sufficient water, shall furnish water to the Landowner from its system of canals for the purpose of irrigating the irrigable portion or portions of the following described lands . . . during the irrigating season beginning April 1st and ending October 31st in each year . . . . [North Loup] agrees that the amount of water it will make available and deliver to said lands at any one time shall be the proportionate share the irrigable portions of said lands shall be entitled to of all the water demanded and available to [North Loup]. The distribution of such proportionate shares to the Landowner during such year shall constitute a complete performance in said year of the obligations of [North Loup].
2. . . . [T]he Landowner shall pay annually to [North Loup] the sum of $2.50 per acre for each irrigable acre covered by this contract, which sum shall include all charges to the Landowner of every nature, including operating costs for the irrigation of the said lands and for purchase of water rights . . . .
3. The Landowner shall pay to [North Loup] said annual charge on the first day of December of each year . . . . Such annual payment shall be made for the availability of water during the irrigation season immediately succeeding the date of payment . . . .
4. . . . Every installment or other sum of money required to be paid hereunder, which shall remain unpaid for a period of 45 days after the same becomes due, shall bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum ...

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